The Ethereum Staking CLR is live! The Ethereum Staking CLR is live!

Validator 267914

Rocket Pool
Rank 42.1 % 166487
32.75764 ETH 32.0 ETH
Status Active
Effectiveness 100% - Perfect
2 (100% )
36672 (100% )
8192 (100% )
Day +0.00343 ETH
Week +0.02403 ETH
Month +0.10793 ETH
APR 4%
Eligible since
Active since
Epoch Slot Status Time Root Hash Att. Dep. Sl. Pro/Att Ex. Graffiti
Epoch Slot Status Time Committee Incl. Slot Opt.Incl.Dist.
Period Epoch Slot Status Participation

Eth1 Deposits

This table displays the deposits made to the Eth1 deposit contract.
From Address Tx Hash Block Time Amount Valid
0x6bEB55… 0xd49a39… 13767663 16 ETH true
0x6bEB55… 0x60f3ef… 13770799 16 ETH true

Eth2 Deposits

This table displays the deposits received and processed by the beacon chain.
Epoch Slot Time Amount Withdrawal Credentials Signature
84,066 2,690,130 16 ETH 0x010000… 0xb19db6…
83,938 2,686,017 16 ETH 0x010000… 0xb19db6…
Minipool Address
Minipool Commission
Minipool Deposit Type
Minipool Status
Node Address
Node Timezone
Node RPL Stake
6128.12 RPL
Node Min RPL Stake
1276.92 RPL
Node Max RPL Stake
19153.81 RPL
Validator History
Epoch Balance Change Att. & Prop.